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Author Ethics

Ethical guidelines for Authors

§  Authors must and should submit Author's contribution list, it is mandatory for Bibliotics Journals. Those-authors, who contributed significantly to the article, should NOT be mentioned in the Acknowledgement section and vice versa.

§  All authors should abide that their own original work, does not infringe with the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity.

§  All authors must and should check for the plagiarism content in their article before submitting it; he/she should rewrite the content even though it is from their own published article.

§  All authors mentioned in the manuscript are equally responsible for all the content in the article.

Note : 
The Editor in Chief/ Editor and Publisher has complete rights to raise a question based on the information provided in the Acknowledgement section and Author’s contribution list; then the Corresponding author must justify it.

§  Authors need to cite all references appropriately in an unbiased manner.

§  Unpublished results/lectures should be cited only for exceptional reasons and with the permission of that third party.

§  Copies of cited publications not yet available publicly should be submitted if suggested by referees.

§  Authors must submit all the necessary documents for ethical approval from an appropriate research ethics committee that evidences the informed consent from the patient/client if necessary.

§  Authors must follow rules for ethics of experimentation on humans and animals, as applicable. Research presented/reported in the article must be conducted by following all the ethical rules, in compliance with all the codes of experimentation (relevant) and legislation, as applicable. A written statement should be included in the methods section of the article if In vivo experiments or clinical trials conducted on humans or animals and that work must be permitted/ approved by animal care committees/ local human subject and they should and must be registered as legislation procedures.

§  Authors must include all the details about safety measures, taken for the reported study; for example

§  Specific hazards that may be involved in the experiments or procedures described in the article.

§  Include safety measures if any hazardous substance/s were used in the materials and methods section itself.

§  Mention the standard code/reference if any.

§  Authors must provide access to the databases used in the study if required.

§  Authors should NOT mention the personal disputes in the article.

§  Authors should disclose the Conflicts of Interest if any before submitting the article.

§  Authors must and should mention all the sources of funding for the research reported in the paper.

§  Authors should mention the correct reason for suggesting reviewers (suitable reviewers with the appropriate experience to review) and should mention the correct details of them, provided there should not have a conflict of interest.

Note : Suggested reviewers should not be the co-author or any author of the article in past 5 years.

Authors should format their article by following the Author Guidelines before submitting the article.